Stephen Banks

adventure travel photography

Work Description

Subjects in my photograghy will vary as to where I am.I usually travel overseas twice a year,so I take images of the people,landscapes and anything else which is of interest.At home,I enjoy taking images of people and I surf,I like to take surfing photos.
My style is to try and keep the images simple,but in saying that,always trying to capture that great shot.My vision would be to have a great working relationship with GlobalEye.


My love and enjoyment for taking photos started when I was young.I purchased my first SLR camera back in 1972,A Zenit EM,which I still have.I then progressed to Nikkormat EL,after that I purchased a Pentax with a few different lenses,so consequently Im still using Pentax,I just upgraded from the K-7 to the K-3II.
In 1978,I left school and went to work as a Studio cameraman with NBN channel 3 in Newcastle,which obviously gave me a great insight into all facets of cameras



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