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Work Description

I have mostly been working in landscape, travel photography and street scenes. Since digital photography took off I have been living mostly in Egypt, subsequently Singapore and now UK. I like to observe patterns and colours. My best work is usually in landscape black and white. I like to get the picture in camera though appreciate now that post-processing is a major part of the quality production. I am comfortable in editing, though I am learning techniques to develop "mood". My most commercial photos are those shot with a theme rather than just being a good picture.


I have been a photographer as a hobbyist and club photographer since 1970 and started taking transparencies during my bicycle travels around Scotland reaching the off-route places. I used to give travel lectures using these photos.I also developed and printed my own black and whites. Once family came along photography took a back seat until digital cameras appeared. As the quality improved I have seen the opportunities develop. I have worked in oil and gas industry in Egypt and have many photos of facilities and the travel involved,


Travel, business, street, industry, people, patterns and fine art photography. I also work in black and white with occasional infra-red photos.

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