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My work is defined by my passion of LIFE I guess - diversity in people, food and nature and I consider it such a privilege to capture the intimate relationship between TIME, "non-existence" or "existence" and memory. Photographs have the tendency to capture moments that's gone forever, impossible to re-produce..even landscapes are subject to time..

I have access to South African, culture-rich destinations and have the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, celebrating diversity. I would describe my work as fun, impressionable, "set-apart" and beautiful, also attaching emotion or circumstance. I favour Travel, botanical, fine art, life-style, portrait, children, any still-life, Journal-style of Photography..


I am Professional Photographer with about 10 years worth of experience in Family, Travel, Fine Art, Food and Lifestyle Photography.
I have sold Fine Art Photographs through Art exhibitions, and have build up an extensive portfolio through travelling and my interest in people. I have also had a wide range of Corporate Clients, and my work has been published in several magazines, brochures and catalogues.

I started off in the Film and television industry as a production manager but fell in love with photography whilst working in the Wildlife scene. I have loved taking photographs since I can remember though.

I have done a few courses, but it really has been through practising, experience and my passion that I've learned the most. I also enjoy teaching others and awaking their desire in this field.


Being a wife and a mother of three girls, my life is rather interesting and adventurous..between teaching them about the quality of life, feeding animals, setting up our own pop-up restaurants, pinterest, dancing and music, I find the occasional "rest" quite satisfying.

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